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We Understand...

Today’s modern society is hectic, the hustle and bustle of  people rushing everywhere, an always on always plugged in world where there seems to be no rest, escape and sanctuary.

It can be at times too much and completely overwhelming!  

We Are Here To Help!

Sometimes its the little things in life that make all the difference. 


We find and promote natural, calming products that can help bring you those precious moments of peace and serenity.

Serene Mofo

Hi I am SereneMofo and I understand only to well the effects of today’s society on health, well being and mental health. 

I struggle with chronic insomnia, been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, have reoccurring hand and arm vibration syndrome from work related systems, generally feel trapped, isolated and pressured to follow systems, I believe are outdated and do not allow me to be myself or be creative. 

All of this is going on in the background and if you met me you wouldn’t know any of  it exists as I am perfectly normal and unfortunately these symptoms are becoming an accepted reality of our society.

In trying to cure and alleviate these issues I have realised that completely irradiating them isn’t possible and accepting and managing them and life in general has allowed me to become a much more relaxed and in tune with myself mofo.

And now I can say that I am a serene mofo and now I want to help others by blogging about my struggles and what worked for me, starting a community of like minded people, people with similar conditions and people that have learnt methods and found products that have helped them live a much more serene lifestyle. 

I have created this site as a way to promote products that I have found have had a massive impact on my well being and create a SereneMofo community where people can grow and support each other.